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Chicago, Illinois

CELL : +1 312 509 2783

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We exist since 2009.
We need educated individuals or small businesses - for the job sale of bearings in all U.S. cities greater than 50,000 residents in each foreign country. Click here for JOBS, COOPERATION & PRIVILEGED SHOPPING
At this moment we do not have sales office in this city. Delivery of purchased bearings is done from our headquarters in Chicago. Delivery is done via USPS and takes 3-5 days. DELIVERY IS COMPLETELY FREE.
INFO info@salesbearings.com
Kaydon Bearings and Cooper Bearings will exhibit at the International WorkBoat Show
Apr 10, 2014

Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division and Cooper Bearings will host a joint exhibit at the International WorkBoat Show booth #1362, December 5-7, 2012, at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Cooper bearing 300x201 Kaydon Bearings and Cooper ...
NEWS news@salesbearings.com
Magnetal Electrodynamic Bearings
Apr 26, 2014

Magnetal AB a Swedish company with unique homopolar electrodynamic bearing technology for extreme high speed operations. Bearings to be utilized in high speed machines such as flywheels, kers, turbos, gyros, turbo molecular vacuum pumps, micro-CHP, in ...

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Welcome to the portal Sales Bearings Com. Portal where you can check the availability of different types of 2,110,135 bearings in 55 major cities across America.The portal is intended for customers of all types of bearings, gearboxes differ, chain hoist and electric motors, allowing them easy data search for these items all over America. This is the largest database of its kind in the world.